Friday, 10 May 2013

Week 13: What to Expect

Mon., May 13th:
* Challenge your friends' Northwest know-how. Conquer a friend's quiz
* The Pacific Scandal and McDonald's National Policy
* Class explore political cartoons
* Quiz Wednesday. Study, study, study

Tues. May, 14th:
* Create your own Political Cartoon on the Pacific Scandal
* Play with proportion, exaggeration, symbolism, scathing sarcasm, shadow and light.
* Quiz tomorrow: Study, study, study!

Wed. May, 15th:
* Chapter 5 key content quiz
* Dumont claimed he knew they would be beaten, he knew they would perish. So why rebel?
* Class read pg. 192-197: Explore the rebellion and complete graphic organizer of cause, event and consequence

Thurs. May, 16th:
* Riel documentary film

Fri. May, 17th:
* Complete outline of arguments for Tuesday's in-class essay on the Northwest Rebellion
* Be ready to write in class (and edit) on Tuesday!

Have a Fabulous Long Weekend!

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